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Check Imaging

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Check Imaging

Check imaging captures digital images of each check we process. Check images are available at no cost online. Or, for a nominal monthly fee, they can be made available to you with your monthly statements or on a CD. Check imaging provides you with an easy, convenient way to store and organize your canceled checks.

Bank of Michigan President Michael G. Sarafa

Letter from the President

Welcome to the new Bank of Michigan website. We hope you find it fresh and easy to use. It is our goal to create positive customer experiences for every transaction from internet banking to a personal visit with us at the bank. Our experienced and dedicated team of bankers is ready to offer creative solutions to meet your banking needs.

At Bank of Michigan, we take great pride in our core values: integrity, loyalty, community, responsiveness and maximizing success. We take these principles very seriously. They drive our mission, purpose and values. Our Board of Directors and staff personally stand behind these commitments.

Thank you for visiting us and do not hesitate to contact me if I can assist you in any way.

Michael G. Sarafa, President